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Should You Invest in Au Financiers (India) Ltd?

Now for the record it’s the IPO shower out here. We have already been discussing on several IPOs that came in this month. Now it’s the tip of the iceberg here with AU Financiers (India) Ltd. AU Financiers (India) Ltd is a NBFC and a small bank based out of Jaipur. The issue size is roughly Rs 1913 Crores at a price of Rs 358 Rs per share and is being offered at a lot size of 41 shares. The issue opens on 28 th June 2017 and will be open till 30 th June 2017. So the Golden Question again…. Should you invest in Au Financiers Ltd???? Lets do the run down one by one then… shall we….. About the Company!!! The company is a NBFC which serves the low and middle income groups who have limited or no access to banking channels. It helps India in achieving financial inclusion on an larger scale. The company focuses on three segments: Vehicle loans, MSME loans and SME Loans. The company is categorized as a “Systemically Important, Non-Deposit Accepting Asset Finance Compan

Should you invest in GTPL Hathway Ltd IPO?

Hello Friends, We meet again for IPOs of course. I guess the Indian Markets are being blessed with IPOs this season.  Nevertheless another IPO debutante is planning to come out to the crease. The IPO we are gonna talk about today is GTPL Hathway Ltd. Now we don’t see much joint venture entering the market. So have all your experiments done with this one friends. The issue is being offered at a price band of Rs 167 to 170 with a minimum lot of 88 shares. The issue opens on 21 st June 2017 and closes on 23 rd June 2017. About the company!!! India went for digitization of all television connections not so long ago and since then we have seen many companies jumping into that opportunity. GTPL Hathway is also one of them.  It offers MSO i.e cable tv operations along with internet. GTPL primarily operates in Gujarat, apart from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Andra Pradesh, Telangana and Assam. They are trying to expend further and reach Pan India leve

Should you invest in CDSL IPO???

Hello friends, Welcome again for another article on IPO. Now I know we are concentrating on IPOs more in recent times but its IPO flood out there and we all are trying to swim through it catching the bigger fish from the waters. So without ado, the IPO we are gonna discuss about today is called Central Depository Services (India) Limited. The issue has opened on 19 th June 2017 and shall close on 21 st June 2017. This issue is demanding a maximum of Rs 149 per share with a minimum lot of 100 shares. So should you invest in CDSL? To answer this question lets look into the hood of the company shall we…… About the Company!!!! As the name suggests the company provides Depository Services. Apart from that: 1.        The company also provides Corporate Action Services such as conversion of securities, bonus etc. 2.        It also provides facilities to hold Insurance Policies in electronic form. 3.        Other services range from e- voting, e-Locker, Nationa

Should You Invest In Eris Lifesciences Ltd IPO?

Hey there. All you bright investors out there!!! Welcome to today’s article. It’s raining IPOs here and we are meeting  yet another IPO which is open from 17 th June 2017 to 21 st June 2017. Yes friends the IPO we are gonna discuss today is Eris Lifesciences Ltd. So let’s see if it’s a thumps up or a thumps down!!! About the Company!!! Eris is a company venturing in Pharma products of select therapeutic areas within the chronic and acute categories of the IPM, such as: cardiovascular; anti-diabetics; vitamins; gastroenterology; and anti-invectives’. It’s focusing on developing products in the chronic and acute category which are linked to lifestyle related disorders. The company had around 56 mother brand groups as on 31.03.2016. It has its owned manufacturing facility in Assam. However some of the products are outsourced. Utilization of Funds!!! Since it’s a sale from of the shareholders stake, no proceeds will be received by the company. Financials!!!

Things to know before investing in Tejas IPO!!!!

IPOs are really buzzing now as the markets are really happening. Nothing is rocking the markets as of now and Indian markets are appearing to be very strong as compared to any other markets. This is the opportunities for companies to mobilize funds and that’s what many companies are doing. Another IPO lined up is Tejas Networks Limited. So is it a good bet to invest in Tejas? Let’s find out. About the Company!!! Tejas Networks Ltd is an India-based optical and data networking products company with customers in over 60 countries. They design, develop and sell high-performance and cost-competitive products to telecommunications service providers, internet service providers, utility companies, defence companies and government entities (collectively, “Communication Service Providers”). Their products are used to build high-speed communication networks that carry voice, data and video traffic from fixed line, mobile and broadband networks over optical fibre. They are taking

Best Dividend Mutual Funds to Invest now!!!!

When it comes to good returns, equity markets are not the only securities that give good returns. Some Mutual Funds are providing good returns along with considerable capital appreciation. In today’s article we shall see 5 such Mutual Funds. So here are the picks: 1)       Franklin India Prima Fund (Dividend) Regular and Direct: This Mutual Funds has been around for a long time now and has a NAV of Rs 69.122 and Rs 72.979 respectively. The funds are well diversified and its major holdings in portfolio include Yes Bank, Finolex Cables, Equitas Holdings, HDFC Bank etc. What is important to note is that the company is a Dividend fund and has paid a considerable amount of dividend throughout its history. Previous year the MF distributed a divided of Rs 5.5, which is more than 7.5% return tax free at current NAV. More to be noted is that the MF most of the occasions distributed dividends during June or July. The timing is very apt for some good dividends and a higher capital gro