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Rules to be followed when investing in stock markets!!!!

Nothing is difficult when you put a small effort. Stock Market is no exemption. One of the best ways of making money doesn’t come free. There are a few rules you need to follow before you make money in the markets. Following these rules is surely gonna make you rich and happy. 1)       Only invest spare money. Investment is putting your spare money into good use and earning profit out of it. Investment is not done using borrowed funds. Investment is not done out of money needed for your house hold expenses. Invest only the money which you can spare. 2)       Patience is the most important virtue when it comes to investing Investing in stock market is a long term venture. Although short term profits can be seen, you need to have patience to hold a stock for a longer term in order to enjoy the fruits of your investment. Some stocks rise over a long term but are steady. Most stocks that show short term growth get stuck after a point of time. Be patient and the profit will

Things to know before investing in Stock Markets.

Stock market is not for us. This is the general assumption that many people have. Well sorry to break it to you, but you are wrong. Stock market is for everyone. It is just a mechanism of investment like your property or Fixed Deposits. We encourage you to understand the market and start investing. Be wise and you will rise.  Following are some of the things you need to know before investing in the markets. 1)       Stock market is a zero sum game. Money is not created in stock market. Money is only exchanged. The intelligent makes money while the ignorant looses it. Profit for one is a loss for another. But that doesn’t make it gambling. Because any investment is a zero sum game. Property, fixed deposits anything you name as investment is always a zero sum game. Money is not created only exchanged. 2)       Risk and reward ratio. Stock markets are always riskier venture than debt investments such as fixed deposits or recurring deposits. However t

Things you need to know about S Chand and Company Ltd IPO before investing.....

Recently IPOs have gained very good charm with IPOs listing at prices even 100% higher than the issue price. This shows how much the Indian stock markets are bullish and how much money is being pumped into the market. Another IPO lined up is S Chand and Company Limited. I am sure we all would have some way or the other come across books published by this company in school and college days. Yes friends this company is in the education sector. They publish academic books. Education in India has a long way to go and this company is aiming to achieve the best it can in helping India get education. The IPO is set to hit the markets on 26.04.2017 at a price band of Rs 660 to 670. Should I invest in S. Chand IPO? Here are some of the important things you should know before you invest: 1. The company is a leading academics book publisher catering into markets like CBSE, ICSE, Competitive exam books, College University and Professional Books, 2. The company operated many b

NMDC Ltd is another cash cow. Its one of the strongest of stocks ever seen: Destiny Dividend Vol 2

We all have seen that PSUs don’t give good returns when compared to private companies in the form of capital returns. But what we all fail to see is that capital returns are not the only way of recovering your investment. PSUs are the front-runners when it comes to dividends. When it comes to PSUs, there is something About DIPAM you should know. We have explained about DIPAM guidelines on dividend in our earlier article on REC Ltd. There is a link below for the same. The company that we are gonna talk about today is NMDC Ltd. NMDC Ltd is a PSU that stands for National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd works in the business of mining. The minerals mined by NMDC Ltd are Iron Ore Copper Tin Tungsten Graphite Diamond Etc Yes friends NMDC also deals with diamonds. It has a mine at Panna, Madhya Pradesh where diamonds are extracted. The annual capacity is 84000 Carats of

MT Educare: Things to know before Investing!!!

Hello Friends, Everyone knows that India is one of the most attractive emerging markets in the global arena. With a population of 130 crores and a growth rate of 7 %, we are aggressively moving towards becoming a Developed economy and a super power. Of the total population of 13o crores, 43.7 Crores people are under the age of 21 i.e of school and college goers, which comes to one-third of the total population. This clearly indicates that the India education sector is poised to grow at an attractive rate so as to match the high demand & quality education needs of the people of our country. The Indian education sector can be broadly categorized into formal education which compromises schools & colleges and non-formal education which compromises of pre-schools, coaching industry, vocational training & E-learning. Looking into non-formal education sector, coaching centers & digital education (E-learning) are the two most attractive areas with enormous growth potenti